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What keeps you up at night? We might all have different answers to this question, but one thing is sure: a lack of security, safety, employment, or healthcare would be high on the list for most.

Guest Brandy Chambers tells listeners

  • How to be heard by your elected officials, so that they know what matters to you most
  • How misinformation, strategic messaging by political parties, and the media influence elections
  • What stands in the way of legislation that will better the lives of Texas residents

Brandy Chambers is a respected attorney who has been serving the residents of Dallas, Texas since 2001. During law school, she discovered a passion for employment law while representing a plaintiff in a wrongful termination claim, and has since gained experience in medical malpractice, civil rights defense, and basic commercial litigation, all with the ultimate goal of promoting equality and improving the lives of Texas residents. This goal—along with the stark realization that the Texas legislature was turning a blind eye to serious, pressing matters—compelled her to run for the Texas House of Representatives District 112.

Instead of bathroom bills and “show me your papers” legislation, Chambers believes the focus needs to be on the total absence of funding for public schools, the fact that children have died in the hands of the CPS, the lack of raises for state employees over the past two decades, and the reality that there are roughly five million people without health insurance in Texas. In short, Chambers is focused on the people; she is dedicated to truly listening to their needs, and moving resources where they are most needed.

She lost the election by a mere 220 votes, but certainly gained a lot of insight and knowledge along the way. She discusses how to build rapport with the public, figure out what people want from their elected leaders, and implement the critical elements of any successful campaign. She also explains why it is so difficult to pass legislation in Texas that both parties agree to, talks about the battle against misinformation in politics, and sheds light on public perception and understanding of the elected officials who make decisions about their lives.

Follow Chambers on twitter @BrandyforTexas, or shoot her an email at

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