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Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, wearing too much or not enough makeup, running a fundraiser the right way…the list of dos and don’ts for an individual running for political office is lengthy, but Cheryl Miles Board is ready to share all of her knowledge and insights with aspiring politicians in Georgia. Press play to learn:

  • How campaign efforts have been adapted to the pandemic environment, and whether they’ve been successful
  • Why and how the demographics are changing in Rockdale County and what can be done to ensure continued growth and progress
  • How the Democratic oath was used in the most recent election to shed light on the “wolves in sheep’s clothing”

When Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia, Cheryl Miles Board, first moved to Rockdale County, Georgia, she didn’t immediately feel accepted; as a light-skinned African American with blonde hair, she wasn’t easy to miss among the general population in Rockdale County. Having moved from the Northern part of the country, she knew full well that many people are quick to paint the South in a bad light, particularly when it comes to acceptance of racial differences and diversity. “I wanted to change the face of what it looked like, and help people realize that…the African American race is a rainbow in shading, characteristics, as well as sizes…but if we all come with a common goal, we can make the South everything it can and should be,” says Board.

Starting as a secretary, Board moved her way up the ranks, and has held her current position as Chair for the past three years. While she doesn’t plan to run for re-election this year, she’s far from done with the political scene in Georgia; she’s staying busy with her own non-profit organization, and has plans to start a candidate school for aspiring political leaders—especially women. With over 25 years’ worth of political knowledge, she’s ready to share it with more people, for the overall good of the community in Rockdale County and beyond.

Board covers details about the most recent election, from how they got their messages out to the public amid COVID-19 restrictions, to the candidates who “crossed over” and legally changed their status from Republican to Democrat, and the importance of educating voters on how to critically examine candidates. She also talks more broadly about the dynamics in Rockdale County, including the changing demographics, economic development, transportation, and strategic planning for enhanced greenspace.

Visit and to learn more, and don’t hesitate to email Board at

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