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“All democrats love terrorists.” Whether you’re a republican or democrat, that statement likely doesn’t sit right with you, and it didn’t with Devin Pandy either. In fact, it was just what he needed to hear from a sitting representative to fully commit to his goal: run for election to the US House to represent Georgia’s 9th Congressional District, and serve the unmet needs of Georgia residents.

Pandy tells listeners:

  • What it takes to run for office, and the unexpected challenges he faced
  • How he decided which issues to run on, and how to learn what the people want
  • How he managed to transcend policy lines and get republicans to agree with him on what would be best for the district and the country as a whole

Pandy’s family immigrated to the US when he was just two years old. He followed the footsteps of his father and brother by joining the US Army in 1993, and retired after 21 years, as Chief Warrant Officer 2 (CW2). He’d never been involved in politics, and hadn’t even been very interested in politics until 2016, when a stir of political events compelled him to learn more about political issues and the impacts they have on American citizens and Georgia residents.

In 2019, he realized that his district was represented by someone who had more interest in self-dealing and protecting those who were breaking the law than actually serving those who had elected him. At that point, Pandy decided to challenge him for a seat.

Admittedly, Pandy didn’t know what he was doing at first. But by virtue of networking and a steadfast dedication to his mission, he began gathering a team to support him—a campaign manager, skilled fundraisers, and a treasurer. Then he set out to raise enough money to get his name on the ballot, which is a $5,000+ bill in Georgia. After putting his message out there and making it known what he stood for, he tripled the amount he needed.

He shares the lessons he learned and insights he gained throughout the course of his campaign, which are plentiful, despite not winning the election. And he isn’t giving up–the next election isn’t too far away.

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