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The secularization thesis of the early 20th century is dead. The idea that an increase in education, technology, and industrialization means a decrease in religious practice for a given population cannot be supported in the face of mounting evidence to the contrary. Populations across the world are becoming more religious than ever, and the resistance to globalist ideology is getting stronger.

Dr. Steve Turley tells listeners

  • How Brexit signaled an affirmation and fortification of national populist ideology, setting the tone for many countries to follow suit
  • Where Donald Trump and the Black Lives Matter movement fit into the dynamic underlying globalist vs traditional ideology
  • Why the backlash against the globalist, political elite poses the threat of balkanization
  • Whether COVID-19 has accelerated, put the brakes on, or been a neutral player in the rise of national populism

Dr. Steve Turley is a conservative pundit, thought leader, creator of Turley Talks podcast, author of more than 20 books, and for many people, an invaluable source of knowledge and optimism through otherwise trying times. The topic of the US and global political climate, with particular emphasis on the changing dynamic between national populists and liberal globalists around the world, is at the crux of today’s conversation.

Turley found it hard to believe at first, but time and again he encountered evidence of more and more populations returning to national, cultural, and religious traditions as the basis for social order, and this includes the US and Canada. Then there was Brexit, followed by Trump’s victory over his “shoo-in” opponent, followed by similar victories in several countries, including Italy, Austria, Sweden, Spain, Estonia, France, and India.

In the face of globalist threats, populations tend toward re-traditionalization, especially in the religious sense. They return to their culture, customs, and identity while pushing back against the idea that a modern one-size-fits-all scientific, political, and economic system should displace all preexisting cultures, customs, and traditions, which under globalist ideology, are considered bigoted, intolerant, racist, and patriarchal (to name a few adjectives). The result is a major revolt against the political class and a reclaiming of custom, identity, and culture by populations across the globe.

With this understanding, Turley poses a pointed question: How can we hold together in the midst of a world that’s breaking apart?

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