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The recent power outages in Texas left millions in the dark. And when it comes to understanding what really happened and why it happened, most of the US population has always been in the dark.

John Droz sheds light on the situation. Press play to learn:

  • How the power grid works, and what happens when the crucial balance between supply and demand gets disrupted
  • How the recent blackouts in Texas could and should have been avoided
  • Whether what you’ve been told about wind energy is accurate, and why it makes power outages much more likely, if not inevitable

Droz is a physicist and environmental advocate who has spent decades accumulating knowledge on various topics, especially surrounding energy and environmental issues. On today’s show, he explains what happened during the recent blackouts in Texas, why they happened, how they could have been avoided, and when another, significantly larger blackout could occur.

This explanation necessitates an in-depth discussion about wind power: how it truly works, which of its inherent characteristics demand that it be backed up by auxiliary power sources, how it has been used, and what role it played in the recent outages.

Droz explains all this and more. Listen now and learn more at

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