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If your healthcare providers lied to you, would you know it? And would there be any consequences for them? The answer might surprise you.

Press play for a critical analysis of COVID-19 policies and consequences to the global population.

You’ll learn:

  • Where COVID-19 misinformation is coming from and why
  • What percentage of U.S. healthcare workers are currently laid off, and how this can be explained given the COVID-19 situation
  • How Popper is helping rescue small businesses, and how this is placing pressure on the powers that be upstream
  • Why the WHO completely stopped reporting flu deaths in February 2020

As President of Wellness Forum Health, Pamela Popper has dedicated herself to putting out free information to educate the public and promote true, informed medical decision-making.

Over the past year since the coronavirus lockdowns, Popper has also been researching what’s really going on behind the COVID-19 situation, bringing you the information you won’t hear from mainstream news outlets.

“In any other profession…if you outright misrepresent things to people, you can go to jail…you can’t just lie to people…but you can do that in the healthcare field and there are virtually no consequences for it…part of the reason is the government has become partners with medical institutions…the drug makers, the vaccine makers, etcetera,” says Popper.

And at the heart, if this truth is the COVID-19 situation. Popper explains what is happening around the world as a result of COVID-19 policies, which have led to more deaths than the WWII death camps. To be clear, these deaths aren’t from any virus, but from the consequential starvation, suicides, and cases of “failure to thrive” in nursing homes across the world.

She’s tackling this situation legally, by filing a lawsuit which takes the position that there never was an “emergency” situation, and therefore the lockdowns and loss of personal freedoms have never been justified.

Tune in for all the details.

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